Hope everyone had a fun Sunday dedicated to your lovely Mother’s! We have got some new and exciting things happening in the office this week from prom related blog posts to a trip to the big apple for an exciting event. Read on to learn more about this motivating challenge that you should all attend TODAY!

Our blogs this week have covered how to register for graduation gifts from Dormify, trends for your home and wardrobe, and problems dealing with prom.

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****So here it is, all about the S.E.A.K Foundation.

On May 17, women are stripping down to their sports bras in the middle of New York City for and outdoor workout known as The Sports Bra Challenge 2012. This challenge includes several different exercise classes that will help celebrate National Women’s Health Week.

S.E.A.K Foundation (Strive, Embrace, Achieve, Know) is a non-profit foundation that helps young women feel confident with their bodies and accept themselves through “healthy living-minded programming”.

Dormify will have a booth at the event, so stop by for some fun, help this great cause and feel good about yourself!

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Because of the Sports Bra Challenge this Week and National Women’s Health Week, this week should be dedicated to focusing on you. You should learn new reasons to love yourself, healthy ways of eating, and the best beauty products to make you feeling perfect.

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