Spring has officially begun and boy do we have exciting plans coming up this season and summer! We hope you all have fun things planned as well to embrace this warm weather. If you need help, here are a few tips from this past week’s posts that could get you started.

On our blog this week, we focused on spring-cleaning to help you start this season off fresh and how to swim in style. Along with those spring/ summer style tips, we learned ways to console your newly single girlfriend.  

BRAND NEW international shipping (get the video reference? HA.) now available from Dormify! Be sure to share with all of your friends who may be abroad or with friends you made while you were abroad!

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Is anyone else as excited for the Hunger Games premier tonight, as we are? I doubt it–we’re pretty obsessed. Tweet at us to let us know your feelings about the movie and whether you liked it better than the book or not.

As we start off this warm spring season we have been shopping for a new wardrobe, learning ways to live a healthier lifestyle, and insight to cool jobs around the world. We have also seen more posts about SXSW

Be sure to keep yourself updated by visiting our tumblr or twitter so you don’t miss out! If you’re a very busy person, you can always rely on me to give you the low down on Dormify every week. Have a great weekend and a stress free start to the spring/ summer season!