Coachella meets Ultra Music Festival for a trend that really does scream “Festival Chic.” While a music festival is a feast for the ears, this style trend will dazzle your eyes with vibrant design and opaque colors. Bohemian influence balance out the glow sticks and neon Wayfarers to create a mix of design more varied than the line-up of artists.

Our trend captures the style “yeses” from music festivals (you’re welcome, we know no one wants to live in a room brighter than your highlighter and entirely glow in the dark). Without overdosing on color, thanks to classic black accents, the Color Blocked Babe Collection features the perfect amount of pop. For those cautious of color blocking, relaxed colors can be turned up with eye-catching accessories and details. For us, the Chevron Sequin Pillow is basically the décor version of this Glastonbury attendee’s headset (see below).

Fashion weeks around the world have hopped on the trend and runway looks copy the trends seen by Coachella, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest, and Pitchforks fashionistas. While the “who inspired who” game can go on forever, it’s pretty safe to say that some of these recent fashion week photos have musical roots deeper than the bass in a Swedish House Mafia set…

Just as no music genre is safe from being recycled in the latest DJ remix; current fashion and dorm décor draws design inspiration from past and present music festivals. Even though we thought Woodstock and hippie style was something we only heard about on That 70’s Show, the Love Me Or Leave Me Quilt Set and this photo from Coachella make us think otherwise. Further embrace Festival Chic dorm décor with upbeat prints like Ikat and Zig Zag or a Keep Calm and Drink On Pillow.

Regardless of its origins, here at Dormify we love this trend. However you interpret “Festival Chic,” we think you can find something you like off our page. So, go ahead, invest in this trend because unlike a one hit wonder, it will be around for a while.