Dormify’s Haute Chocolate trend mixing patterns, textures & dark shades of black & brown is one that maybe your grandma won’t approve of but we give a total thumbs up. Create a look of elegance in your space with these muted colors and add texture & patterns to liven it up a little bit. Inspired by the feeling of luxury and the idea that every girl should have a space she feels fabulous in, this glamorous look will transition your space from childish to all grown up.

One of our favorite things about this trend is you can interpret it as modern, lux, or both! The key to pulling it off is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it with the leopard or too much faux fur. Adding a little bit of these elements here and there will help you to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

The Haute Chocolate collection (pictured below) combines everything we love about this trend and has lots of layered textures including a quilt instead of a duvet cover, faux fur & metal studded pillow all on one bed. Adding in the heart hook pillow gives the bed a feeling of whimsy so it isn’t all so serious (because let’s face it, we aren’t REAL grown ups, just pretending to be) but it keeps the bed looking glamorous.


In fashion, we see style setters like the Man Repeller mixing and matching more patterns & textures than normal people might, but we still admire her ability to make SO many different things look so glamorous.

Whether you’re going to wearing this trend or implementing the elements into your space, we hope you feel just as fabulous as we do when we’re in such chic surroundings!