One year ago, I was a college girl with a summer internship. Somewhere along the way, I came across a great opportunity: to become one of Dormify’s Style Advisors. So I researched the new company, loved everything about it and decided to apply. Apparently, I fit the bill and became a part of the Dormify team shortly after.

Writing blogs for Dormify was a really fun activity for me to do (seriously). Growing up with a very stylish mother and an older sister who knew she wanted to be a fashion designer since year one, I do not settle for a “plain Jane” aesthetic with my clothes or home décor. Even on a budget, I have figured out how to make every space cohesive, stylish and reflective of my personal style. Dormify gave me an outlet to voice all of my ideas about how to channel your personal style into different aspects of your life.

Without knowing it at the time, becoming a Style Advisor opened more doors for me than I could have ever imagined. Not only is it a great thing to experiment with writing in all different fields (blog, newspaper, social media), but also with every experience and opportunity you choose to take in life – you make connections. And, you will never know where those connections will lead you to in the future, but that is what makes life exciting.

One year later. I am a college graduate with a job as an Account Coordinator at HZDG – a fully integrated, highly-energized, creative agency with offices in DC and New York. Right now, this means nothing to you. However, I have a point to make, I promise. Karen Zuckerman is the president of both HZDG and (drum roll please)…Dormify! With no idea where my connections would lead me, my position as a Style Advisor helped me land my first job in the real world. Crazy right?!

Now, I am living in DC, working for HZDG and meeting new people every single day- all as a result of building connections and taking every opportunity that comes my way. Always be mindful of how you walk, how you talk and what kind of first impression you make, because for all you know, it could be the one that will change your life.